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Food Additives and Flavourings

The Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings (FAF)* evaluates the safety of chemical substances added to food and consumer exposure to them. The Panel's work mainly concerns substances evaluated by EFSA before their use can be authorised in the EU.

FAF Panel Members are scientists from across Europe with expertise in:

  • Chemical risk assessment and safety assessment of food additives and flavouring substances
  • Toxicology (mammalian): sub-chronic and chronic toxicity (repeated dose studies), genotoxicity and mutagenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, carcinogenicity, allergenicity and immunotoxicity
  • Toxicity testing in experimental animals and alternative toxicity testing
  • Toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics (ADME - absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) of substances
  • Chemistry (organic, inorganic, analytical and synthetic chemistry), especially for the chemical identification and specification of chemical substances
  • Exposure assessment and consumption surveys
  • Food technology (manufacturing processes and use of food additives)

*The FAF Panel continues the work in most of the areas previously covered by the former Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources Added to Food (ANS). In addition, it has taken over responsibility for the evaluation of flavourings from the former CEF Panel while handing over responsibility for the evaluation of nutrient sources to the NDA Panel.

Panel members

Food Additives and Flavourings Panel members 2018-2024

Chair: Younes Maged
Vice-Chair: Frutos Fernandez Maria Jose; Mennes Wim
Members: Aquilina Gabriele; Castle Laurence; Engel Karl-Heinz; Fowler Paul Alfred Francois; Fürst Peter; Gundert-Remy Ursula; Guertler Rainer; Husoy Trine; Manco Melania as of March 2020; Moldeus Peter; Oskarsson Agneta until December 2019; Passamonti Sabina as of March 2020; Rainieri Sandra until December 2018; Shah Romina; Waalkens-Berendsen Dina Hendrika; Woelfle Detlef; Wright Matthew as of March 2020

View Declarations of Interests and CVs.

Previous Panel Members


Chair: Maged Younes
Vice-Chair: Ursula Gundert-Remy; Rudolf Antonius Woutersen
Members: Peter Aggett; Fernando Aguilar; Riccardo Crebelli; Birgit Dusemund; Metka Filipic; Maria Jose Frutos Fernandez; Pierre Galtier; David Gott; Gunter Georg Kuhnle; Claude Lambré; Jean-Charles Leblanc; Therese Lillegaard Inger; Peter Moldeus; Alicja Mortensen; Agneta Oskarsson; Ivan Stankovic; Dina Hendrika Waalkens-Berendsen; Matthew Wright


Chair: Mortensen Alicja
Vice-Chair: Lambré Claude; Woutersen Rudolf Antonius
Members: Aguilar Fernando; Crebelli Riccardo; Di Domenico Alessandro; Dusemund Birgit; Frutos Maria Jose; Galtier Pierre; Gott David; Gundert-Remy Ursula; Leblanc Jean-Charles; Lindtner Oliver; Moldeus Peter; Mosesso Pasquale; Oskarsson Agneta; Parent-Massin Dominique; Stankovic Ivan; Waalkens-Berendsen Ine; Wright Matthew; Younes Maged


Chair: Mortensen Alicja
Vice-Chair: Gott David; Lambré Claude
Members: Aguilar Fernando; Crebelli Riccardo; Dusemund Birgit; Galtier Pierre; Gundert-Remy Ursula; Koenig Juergen; Leblanc Jean-Charles; Mosesso Pasquale; Oskarsson Agneta; Parent-Massin Dominique; Rose Martin; Stankovic Ivan; Tobback Paul; Waalkens-Berendsen Ine; Woutersen Rudolf Antonius; Wright Matthew;


Chair: John Christian Larsen
Vice-Chair: Iona Pratt; Ivonne M.C.M Rietjens
Members: Fernando Aguilar; Ruth Charrondiere, until March 2010; Birgit Dusemund; Pierre Galtier; John Gilbert; David Gott; Sandro Grilli; Rainer Gürtler; Georges Kass, until August 2009; Jürgen König; Claude Lambré; Jean-Charles Leblanc; Alicja Mortensen; Dominique Parent Massin; Ivan Stankovic; Paul Tobback; Tatjana Verguieva; Rudolf Antonius Woutersen

The Declarations of Interests and CVs of previous Panel members are available upon interestmanagement [at] (request).

Working groups

We are having a technical issue with the publication of DOIs and are working to resolve it. If you are looking for a specific DOI and cannot find it on the system please contact interestmanagement [at]

Name Meetings, agendas and minutes (last updated)
Flavourings - FAF Panel
Food Additives Applications - FAF Panel
Re-evaluation of miscellaneous food additives - FAF Panel
Specifications of Food Additives - FAF Panel
Sulphur Dioxide-Sulphites (E220-228)
Sweeteners - FAF Panel
WG on Guidance Update on Flavourings - FAF Panel
WG on the re-evaluation of food additives permitted in foods for infants below 16 weeks of age - FAF Panel

Closed working groups

Name Minutes (last update)
Allura Red - ANS Panel
Application 2017-2018 - ANS Panel
Aspartame - ANS Panel
Assessment of carcinogenicity of sucralose - ANS Panel
Botanicals in food
Chemistry and Specifications - ANS Panel
ESCO Isoflavones
Exposure assessment - ANS Panel
Food additives and nutrient sources 2008-2011 - ANS Panel
Food additives and nutrient sources 2011-2014 - ANS Panel (Working Group A)
Food additives and nutrient sources 2011-2014 - ANS Panel (Working Group B)
Guidance on food additives - ANS Panel
Guidance on Nutrient Sources - ANS Panel
Isoflavones - ANS Panel
Phosphates - ANS Panel
Phosphates - FAF Panel
Procedures under Article 8 of Regulation (EC) No 1925/2006 (Standing WG) - ANS Panel
Ramazzini Institute study on aspartame in mice and methanol - ANS Panel Available soon
Re-evaluation of Annatto extracts (E 160b) - FAF Panel
Re-evaluation of Food Additives other than Gums & Colours 2017-2018 - ANS Panel
Re-evaluation of Food Colours 2017-2018 - ANS Panel
Re-evaluation of Gums and Food Additives from Natural Sources 2017-2018 - ANS Panel
Re-evaluation of Nitrates - Nitrites 2014-2017 - ANS Panel
Re-evaluation of other miscellaneous food additives with 2018 deadline (Standing WG) - ANS Panel
Re-evaluation of Starches, Celluloses and Pectins - ANS Panel
Titanium dioxide (E171) - FAF Panel
Toxicology - ANS Panel
WG 'B' Food additives and nutrient sources 2008-2011 - ANS Panel
WG on the follow-up of the re-evaluation of sorbic acid and potassium sorbate as food additives - FAF Panel
WG on the re-evaluation of remaining food additives other than colours and sweeteners - FAF Panel