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The #Safe2EatEU campaign helps you discover more about food safety in Europe so you can make well-informed decisions about what food to buy, eat and enjoy in a safe and healthy way – every day!

Focus themes

Safe2Eat themes

What’s in your food

The ingredients influence how our food tastes and to an extent the price we pay. Importantly, food ingredients in Europe – from additives and flavourings to those derived from new technologies – must be proven as safe before they go in food.

Food and your health

For most of us varying what we eat – using plenty of fresh ingredients alongside processed foods, and different cooking methods – helps balance our diet and contribute to our health and well-being.

Handling food safely

Your food is safe when it’s fresh and properly handled. European and national rules backed by science support farmers, businesses, restaurants, and you the consumers in ensuring your daily meal is safe to eat.

Participating countries

Find out about food safety in your country - with tailored information about what’s going on in all our participating countries.


Our toolkit provides country-specific resources – press materials, visuals, social media posts, etc - on selected food safety, food hygiene, and health and nutrition topics.

Check our toolkit!