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EFSA is governed by a Management Board whose members are mandated to act in the public interest. The day-to-day operation of EFSA is the responsibility of the Executive Director and the Management Team.

Management Board

The Management Board ensures that the Authority functions effectively and efficiently, delivers its mandate as defined in its founding Regulation and meets the expectations of European and national institutions, stakeholders and the public.

The Board’s key tasks are:

  • To establish EFSA’s budget and work programmes and monitor their implementation.
  • To appoint the Executive Director and members of the Scientific Committee and the Scientific Panels.
  • To ensure that EFSA’s priorities are in line with its mandate and key missions
  • To ensure appropriate financial management and accountability.

The Board’s decisions are taken by a majority of its members.

The Management Board is composed of 27 Member State representatives (with alternates), 4 representatives of civil society and of interests in the food chain (with alternates), 2 representatives of the European Commission (with alternates), 2 representatives of the European Parliament (without alternates), 2 representatives of the EFTA/EEA countries and 1 representative of the EFTA Surveillance Authority (with alternates). 

Altogether, the Board is composed of 38 members and 36 alternates.

The members of the Management Board and their alternates are nominated and appointed based on their relevant experience and expertise in the field of food chain law and policy, including risk assessment. Relevant expertise in the fields of managerial, administrative, financial and legal matters within the Management Board is ensured.

The representatives of the Member States are nominated by the Member States themselves and appointed by the Council.

The representatives of the civil society and food chain interests are appointed by the Council in consultation with the European Parliament from a list drawn up by the Commission.

Representatives of the EU institutions and EFTA countries are appointed directly by the institutions and countries themselves.

All Management Board meetings are recorded and can be observed by the public upon registration. Meeting recordings are made available on EFSA’s website. All relevant documents are posted on the website prior to meetings.

Operational management

EFSA’s Executive Director, currently Bernhard Url (appointed in May 2014), is the legal representative of the Authority. He is responsible for all operational matters, staffing issues and drawing up the annual work programme in consultation with the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member States. The Executive Director is appointed by EFSA's Management Board and can be removed from office by a majority vote of the board.