Services for applicants

Our catalogue of support services for applicants, Member States and other interested parties lists services we offer during the different phases of the application process.

How can applicants make use of the available services? Here’s a quick overview:

What services are on offer?

  • Guidance documents detailing the procedure for the preparation and submission of applications
  • Info Sessions where EFSA and its stakeholders discuss issues related to the evaluation of regulated products
  • Webinars – online information sessions to share information and enhance dialogue with stakeholders
  • An online question service
  • Paper-less, online submissions
  • Opportunities for clarification through teleconferences and technical hearings at Working Group and/or Panel meetings
  • Email notifications to applicants following the assessment of an application
  • Explanation of the scientific rationale of the assessment following completion

Dedicated support to small and medium-sized enterprises

Following the trial of pre-submission administrative checks of feed additive and novel food dossiers, EFSA decided to launch activities tailored to the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
The initiatives will offer assistance on administrative aspects related to the preparation of applications, monitoring of applications, and the prioritisation of queries received by SMEs.
Establishing a direct dialogue with SME applicants may also enable EFSA to build a register of SMEs.

The new targeted initiatives are:

  • Administrative support for preparing an application. SMEs can contact EFSA through a dedicated e-mail address (SMEoffice [at] to ask about any administrative aspect related to applications for regulated products
  • Monitoring of applications submitted to EFSA. EFSA will monitor applications submitted by SMEs and will provide relevant communications and reminders on the main milestones of the procedures.
  • Fast processing of queries submitted by SMEs. EFSA will provide answers in seven working days to queries submitted via the web form by SMEs.
  • An official register of SMEs. EFSA will establish a register of SMEs interested in regulated products and in EFSA’s activities.

Do you want to learn more about the new targeted initiatives? Watch the webinar recording on EFSA’s new dedicated support to SMEs.

Find out how to ask for support

Are you an SME? Are you struggling to understand how to prepare and submit an application? Or perhaps you already have an application filed with EFSA and need clarification? Contact us to find out more about the dedicated support available to SMEs at: SMEoffice [at]