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Calls for stakeholders

Food and feed safety vulnerabilities in a circular economy

About the project

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is envisaging a 2-year project on “Food and feed safety vulnerabilities in a circular economy”. Through a participatory foresight process, this project will look to identify potential emerging risks for food and feed safety and the environment in the transition to a circular economy in a holistic and integrated fashion. This will ensure that food and feed safety as well as environmental health considerations are incorporated at an early stage of research or policy initiatives linked to the circular economy.

The need for a comprehensive network of partners and stakeholders

In the context of this project, EFSA is looking to build a network of partners and stakeholders to identify challenges for future risk assessments and explore possible synergies, opportunities, conflicts and trade-offs between environmental and food safety policies, objectives and actions.

EFSA will engage this network through various activities (workshops, events, consultations, etc.) inter alia to:

  • Steer the evolution of the project;
  • Support the identification of challenges for food and feed safety risk assessment and the prioritization of knowledge gaps, policy needs, country-specific issues, vulnerabilities;
  • Identify best practices of how to integrate food safety and environmental initiatives;
  • Design principles and strategies to ensure consistency and integration between overarching policy agendas and sectoral policies for environment and food/feed safety;
  • Design and implement participatory foresight activities for future circular economy practices;
  • Formulate recommendations (data, method, technology, policy, collaboration, outreach needs).

Who we are looking for and how you can apply

For this network, EFSA aims to attract a wide variety of organisations, including:

  • From Europe and beyond
  • From across the food value chain/system
  • Farmers, businesses, NGOs, consumers, academia and research, public institutions, etc.
  • With expertise in human/animal/plant health and/or environment and climate topics

If you are interested in contributing to this project as a stakeholder, register using the link here.

The participatory processes we are designing will be as inclusive as possible. Any organisation whose interests and expertise will be considered to be relevant for the scope of the project will be invited to join the network. EFSA reserves the right to select stakeholders as needed for specific activities as deemed appropriate.


Any questions about this project and/or this call for stakeholders? Please contact Camille Dobler (camille.dobler [at]