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EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels are composed of independent scientific experts who carry out scientific assessments and develop related assessment methodologies. Membership is renewed every five years. A call is launched one year before each renewal and, after a thorough selection process, experts are nominated by the EFSA Management Board based on a shortlist submitted by the Executive Director.

The latest renewal of the Scientific Committee and Panels took place in July 2018. A call for applications was carried out from June to September 2017.

EFSA aims to renew its Scientific Panels and the Scientific Committee in 2024. To this end a selection procedure is planned to be carried out in 2023.

Learn more about the establishment of EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels.

External experts who possess particular and relevant scientific knowledge may also contribute to the work of EFSA through participation in Working Groups. EFSA may establish Working Groups whenever it deems necessary in order to fulfil its mandate and enhance its multidisciplinary expertise.