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Mission and values


Safety in the food chain from farm to fork is at EFSA’s core. We contribute to protecting human life and health, taking account of animal health and welfare, plant health and the environment.

We deliver independent and transparent scientific advice to policy makers, through cooperation with our partners, and in an open dialogue with society.


A set of key values guides all of EFSA’s activities. We are committed to upholding them in all areas of our work.


We deliver rigorous and reliable risk assessments, building on the latest scientific advancements. We communicate to meet the needs of our different audiences.


We ensure impartiality of our scientific outputs. Staff and experts, free of conflicts of interests, analyse data and apply methods objectively. Group decision-making allows for diversity and review among peers.


Our risk assessments and communications are accessible and understandable. They are produced via transparent processes, enhanced by an open dialogue with all interested parties.


We serve the public interest, working to deliver improvements in food safety from farm to fork. We use resources effectively, responsibly and sustainably.


We see collaboration as the only way to master the complexities of the future. We invest in building long- term partnerships for mutual benefit.