Ad hoc meeting with industry representatives

5. April 2019

On 5th April 2019 (PM), EFSA met EuropaBio in the context of an ad hoc meeting with industry representatives. The meeting provided an opportunity for open dialogue and the discussion focussed on the risk assessment of ‘novel’ proteins with regard to their potential to cause celiac disease.

Participants discussed the following aspects:

  • The risk assessment principles laid down in the 2017 guidance document of the GMO Panel on allergenicity assessment of genetically modified plants,
  • The development of a database for sequence identity searches with celiac peptides,
  • The choice of criteria to put into context the results from the sequence identity searches, and
  • The modelling exercise if concerns from the sequence identity search are identified.

The meeting took place in a constructive atmosphere and marks an important step in enhanced dialogue among the parties.