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Working at EFSA

Everyone at EFSA has a role to play in achieving our mission to keep food safe in the EU. From scientists to communication specialists to the colleagues supporting our daily business, at EFSA we are all dedicated to food and its safety.

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Food safety – a shared and rewarding mission

Ensuring food safety from farm to fork is our mission. We contribute to protecting human life and health, taking account of animal health and welfare, plant health and the environment. But we don’t do this alone. Food needs people working together.

Our risk assessments are done mostly in response to requests from the European Commission, the European Parliament or EU Member States. We consult closely with our partners at national and international levels. Our risk assessments are conducted in an impartial and transparent way, building on the latest scientific advances and using high-quality data. EU citizens are the ultimate beneficiaries of our work: we engage with them and our stakeholders through a multitude of platforms and fora.


Guided by values and purpose

What we offer

At EFSA you will work in a diverse and international environment, with colleagues who have a strong shared purpose – to ensure the food of European citizens is safe. Working at our headquarters in Parma, you will benefit from many initiatives to support your health and wellbeing, and enjoy local life and cuisine.

Diversity of roles and employment opportunities

• We offer a unique opportunity to join an innovation-driven EU Agency in Parma, the ‘home of food’. • Our team is international and diverse: we employ scientists, communication specialists, business and administration professionals, and other profiles with different levels of expertise. • There are different contract types and ways of working with EFSA: staff, experts, secondments, and trainees. • We offer flexible working hours and a hybrid working environment that help you keep a healthy work-life balance.

Wellbeing and care for our staff members

• We care for the health and wellbeing of our employees: they can consult our on-site medical advisor and will undergo a yearly medical check-up. • You can join one of our clubs or sports teams and participate in other wellbeing activities we organise. • If you have a green thumb, you can also help grow vegetables in our own community garden.

Support for you and your family

• We offer a family-friendly working environment. • Our employees have worldwide medical and accident insurance. • Parents can enroll their children in the “Scuola per l’Europa”, an accredited European school with classes in English and other EU languages.

EFSA at a glance


Staff members

Our staff comes from different EU countries and brings different backgrounds and experiences.



Experts join our scientific panels and provide EFSA with specialist, independent advice.

Trainees, Guest Scientists and Seconded National Experts

Our team is further enriched by colleagues who join as trainees, interims, Guest Scientists and Seconded National Experts who reinforce our staff for a limited time.

We are based in Parma, the home of food

EFSA’s headquarters are in the centre of Parma, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, which is also referred to as the ‘Food valley of Italy’. Parma is home to several protected geographical indications, among which the world-famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma ham.

Employee initiatives

Community garden

We don’t only care for food safety but also grow our own fruit and vegetables.
If you want to get involved, our Garden Community is happy to welcome you for all kinds of activities: from gardening, watering, planting and mowing the grass to taking pictures, making videos and publishing stories about the garden to doing woodworks, creating garden signs or just hanging out in the garden.
No previous experience required!

Other clubs and communities: sports, choir & language exchanges

Volleyball, football, sailing and many more: we have clubs for different sport activities inside and outside EFSA.
If you like singing, you can also join our EFSA choir.
Last but not least, if you wish to improve your language skills, why not participate in one of the language exchanges offered by your colleagues?