Joint EFSA-EPPO Workshop: Modelling in Plant Health – how can models support risk assessment of plant pests and decision-making?

12. Dezember 2016

EFSA and the European Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) are to hold a joint workshop on Modelling in plant health – how can models support risk assessment of plant pests and decision-making?

The risk assessment of plant pests is based on estimating their potential to enter the risk assessment area, to establish there, to spread and to have an impact. Models on pathways, spatial distribution  and  potential  abundance  of  pests  in  the  risk  assessment  area  can  support  risk assessment and the development and evaluation of management schemes. Models can also be used to estimate the impact of plant pests on crop yield and quality as well as on the environment.

The main objective of this workshop is to explore the application of models in plant health risk assessment and how risk assessment models may support decision-making in plant health.

The workshop will include presentations from keynote speakers and participants, as well as poster sessions. There will be sufficient time for discussion.

Workshop themes

  • Modelling tools in plant health

    • Models for quantitative pathway analysis and establishment.
    • Models for spread and impact.
    • Quantitative risk assessment models and databases.
  • Challenges of modelling in plant health

    • Models supporting risk management.
    • Models to optimise control.

Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at scientific and technical experts on risk assessment, plant health risk

managers and stakeholders – for example, from national plant protection organisations (NPPOs), national and international risk assessment bodies, international organisations, research institutes, agriculture extension services etc – or anyone interested in or with expertise in modelling in the context of plant health. Issues related to plant protection products/pesticides/control methods will not be discussed.


You can register by completing this online form. There is also still time to propose an abstract for a poster presentation using the same form.

After closure of registration, potential participants will be informed whether or not they have been selected for participation. Please note that registration may close once the maximum number of participants is reached or, at the latest, by 24 October.


The workshop is scheduled to take place at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) seat in Parma, starting on the afternoon of 12 December 2016 and ending at midday on 14 December 2016. Further details on logistics will be communicated to applicants selected to participate following the closure of registrations. English will be the official language of the event, no translation will be provided.

There is no fee for participation but you will be expected to cover expenses related to your travel and accommodation.





If you have any questions please contact: conferences [at]