Website release notes

EFSA continuously improves its digital platforms. This is an overview of our latest website improvements:

22 July 2020

  • Changed analytics provider;
  • Security updates.

25 May 2020

  • Glossary terms pages;
  • New analytics tracking tool;
  • Under the hood: layout updates.

12 February 2020

  • SSO fixes;
  • Translated RSS feeds for news;
  • Under the hood: modules updates.

27 January 2020

  • Enabled single sign-on;
  • Initial support for the Spanish translation;
  • Under the hood: layout fixes, modules updates.

9 October 2019

  • Fixed the upcoming consultations page;
  • Added textual filter to the consultations page;
  • Under the hood: accessibility fixes; layout updates for mobile devices.

23 July 2019

  • New "external tenders" section;
  • New URL standards for news and events;
  • Under the hood: displayed timezones for deadlines; accessibility fixes; layout updates.

5 June 2019

  • Accessibility improvements (contrast);
  • WhatsApp sharing on mobile;
  • Modules updates.

27 February 2019

  • New upcoming tenders page;
  • Improved the HTML compatibility;
  • Accessibility improvements.

12 December 2018

  • Improvements to the topics layout (mobile and tablet);
  • File icons are being displayed via CSS instead of normal images;
  • Accessibility improvements (landmarks, roles).

13 November 2018

  • PHP 7.2 compatibility;
  • Topics bugfixes;
  • Press centre revamp;
  • Cookie compatibility (cookie wall for iframes, avoid setting cookies for Twitter feeds).

29 October 2018

  • New layout for topics;
  • Better sharing for infographics and news;
  • Under the hood: accessibility fixes; modules updates.

11 September 2018

  • New research section;
  • Substances block for scientific outputs;
  • Under the hood: innovation prizes list; editorial workflow improvements; modules updates.

25 June 2018

  • The email alerts have been migrated to Mailchimp;
  • implementation for news;
  • Under the hood: support for the upcoming panel renewal; editorial workflow improvements; modules updates.

25 May 2018

  • Open meetings are now displayed on the home page;
  • Published date facet filter to the global search;
  • Under the hood: security updates, support for better integration with Wiley and Microstrategy, rationalisation of the scientific outputs.

7 March 2018

  • Registration links added to open meeting pages;
  • A link "more" for the past events block now gives access to a pre-filtered calendar page;
  • Unified layout for global search and the calendar / publication pages;
  • Under the hood: security updates, performance improvements, revamped several pages.

22 January 2018

  • Tenders are pulled automatically from the eTendering website;
  • Search improvements: autocomplete function, search suggestions, layout;
  • Faceted filters for the calendar page;
  • Under the hood: improve the editorial experience, remove unusued modules, performance updates.