Lumpy skin disease: Workshop on risk assessment and data collection for epidemiology, control and surveillance ‐ November 2019

lumpy skin disease, data collection, bovine, vaccination, surveillance
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
28 novembre 2019
26 novembre 2019
Event report

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The epidemics of lumpy skin disease in EU has been controlled mainly thanks to the coordinated control measures, taken in the Balkan region, based above all on regional vaccination campaign. Since before the epidemics EFSA has been performing risk assessment on LSD to support the decision‐making process both for EC and the national authorities as well. Periodical meetings with representatives from affected and at‐risk countries have been organised by EFSA in order to commonly agree on type of data to collect and share by the national authorities to serve the risk assessment. Given the fact that some countries have already stopped vaccination and they want to prepare the so called ‘exit strategy’, this workshop aimed to provide the countries with technical support and information on how to design their surveillance programs, to verify with the country representatives what kind of risk assessment EFSA can provide in the future that may be useful for better planning control and surveillance strategies.

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