1st Meeting of the EU Bee Partnership Discussion Group

4 dicembre 2017

This discussion group has been set-up to establish the terms of reference for the EU Bee Partnership, which is expected to be up and running in 2018. The proposed partnership was one of the outcomes of a scientific symposium co-organised by EFSA in 2017. The symposium, “Collecting and sharing data on bee health: towards a European Bee Partnership”, was held in Brussels as part of European Bee and Pollination Week 2017, hosted by the European Parliament. Participants agreed to work towards setting up the European Bee Partnership, a platform run by stakeholders for the benefit of stakeholders to ensure that honeybees, and eventually other pollinators, can thrive and prosper in Europe. You can find the event report at the following link:

A discussion group is one of the targeted platforms of EFSA’s Stakeholder Engagement Approach and it acts as a “learning system” that allow EFSA to capitalise on stakeholders’ specialist knowledge in specific areas, e.g. developing efficient and harmonised data collection systems, methodological approaches, and identification of new or emerging issues. More info on EFSA Stakeholder engagement approach is available at: Stakeholders – support and help to guide our work

Draft Agenda (218.41 KB)