Info session on applications – pesticides - technical meeting with stakeholders on EFSA GD on residue definition for dietary risk assessment

26 septembre 2016

EFSA met with stakeholders to present the “Guidance document on the establishment of the residue definition for dietary risk assessment” issued by the Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues (PPR). The meeting on 26 and 27 September 2016 was aimed at answering question and collecting feedback with regard to this new guidance document.

Over 70 participants, including applicants, representatives of industry associations, consultants, academics, representatives of national competent authorities and the European Commission met with EFSA experts from the PPR Panel and EFSA staff.

The event was organised in the framework of the “EFSA Info Sessions on Applications” aimed at increasing regular interaction and exchange of views with EFSA’s stakeholders.  

Discussions focused on the assessment approaches proposed in the guidance document, which involve new tools and methodologies that have not been used before on a systematic basis in regulatory assessments of pesticides. Participants exchanged views on scientific issues related to the risk assessment of residues of pesticide active substances following the new guidance document as well as on benefits, challenges and concerns associated with the proposed assessment approach.   

Targeted sessions focused on the assessment of the toxicological relevance of pesticide metabolites, dietary risk assessment considerations, as well as on current and future projects facilitating the application of the proposed assessment approach. Stakeholders, including representatives from Member States and applicants, particularly welcomed the dedicated feedback session which gave them the opportunity to make their views known.

Attendants participated actively in the discussions and considered the meeting as an important opportunity to enhance constructive dialogue and increase engagement with EFSA.

The agenda, the list of participants and the presentations of the technical meeting are available below.

Agenda and List of Participants

Agenda (78.88 KB)