Pesticide emissions from protected crop systems: Are these emissions different from those in the open field?

EFSA, Parma
17. November 2009


EFSA’s PPR Panel will run a workshop on the development of a new Guidance Document (GD) on Emissions of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) from Protected Crop Systems (e.g. greenhouses and crops grown under cover). Several active ingredients have been listed in Annex I to Directive 91/414/EEC with reference to use in greenhouses. Currently, there is no definition that demarcates the emission of a protected crop application from the emission of a field application, neither is there agreement on the definitions of individual protected/covered crop systems like a specific type of greenhouse.

A number of Member States have expressed interest in development of guidance in this area. Therefore, the Scientific Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues (PPR Panel) of EFSA has been asked to develop an inventory of protected crop systems and emissions from these systems to relevant environmental compartments, and to provide guidance on the importance of emission routes including the circumstances under which they are relevant.

The aim of the Working Group (WG) of the PPR Panel is to develop

  1. A scoping document containing an overview / inventory of covered cropping systems;
  2. Guidance on the importance of emission routes including the circumstances under which they are relevant.

Objectives of the meeting

The workshop aims at collecting feedback from EFSAs stakeholders (Member States, agrochemical industry representatives, consulting companies, growers’ associations and others) during the development process. The workshop programme will comprise an information session to update the audience on the ongoing developments on the first workshop day. The second workshop day is dedicated to work in break-out groups on specific related topics, and the third workshop day will focus on presenting and discussing the outcome of the break-out groups.

The intention is to publish a report after the meeting, compiling the collected stakeholder views on the EFSA webpage.

Who should attend?

Registration to this workshop was closed on 10th August 2009. EFSA received registrations from different stakeholder groups such as competent authorities of the Member States, agrochemical industry representatives, consulting companies, growers’ associations, and others. Final invitation letters and a draft programme will be sent out to the participants before middle of September.

Official language

English will be the official language. No simultaneous translations will be provided.

Date and venue

The workshop will be held on 17-19 November 2009 in Parma, starting midday on 17th and ending midday on 19th of November.


For any kind of information please contact: PROTEAworkshopassistance [at]

Conference report

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