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1st meeting of the EFSA Technical Group on pesticides – IUCLID pilot

The 1st “EFSA Technical Group on PESTICIDES IUCLID – Pilot” took place in Parma on 6&7th November 2019. The technical group foresees the participation of all relevant actors in order to test the feasibility and usability of the IUCLID modules for PESTICIDES dossiers handling. Industry stakeholders, Member States, ECHA and an NGO active in the Pesticides area, PanEurope, have been invited to participate. The final participants list is available below.

The participants discussed the introduction to the pilot and the components included in the pilot, the ECHA cloud environment and IUCLID, the current process for Pesticides evaluation in rapporteur Member States and in EFSA, the Pesticide dossier preparation by Industry, how the discussions during this pilot will be tracked and monitored, and the organisation for the next steps of the pilot, including regular video conferences among members and a second physical meeting in Q1 of 2020.




  1. Welcome and Apologies for absence
    Participants tour de table
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Introduction to the pilot and components included in the pilot
  4. The ECHA cloud environment and IUCLID
  5. Current process for pesticides evaluation in rapporteur member states
  6. Current process for dossier preparation and update
  7. Current process for pesticides evaluation in EFSA
  8. Introduction of the Proof of Concept Dossier team
  9. Open discussion
  10. Group Exercise - Mapping the process and tools to be tested in the pilot
  11. Pilot tracking and evaluation
  12. Practical working practices
  13. Final conclusions