Public consultation on the discussion paper “Transformation to an Open EFSA” – Extended deadline: 15 October 2014 | Europäische Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit Direkt zum Inhalt

Public consultation on the discussion paper “Transformation to an Open EFSA” – Extended deadline: 15 October 2014

Discussion Paper - Transformation to an “Open EFSA” (6.6 Mb)

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EFSA has launched an open consultation on the discussion paper “Transformation to an Open EFSA”.

This document is a discussion paper released with the aim of collecting comments and suggestions from interested parties before drafting a policy document on Openness and Transparency at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This discussion paper sets forth a conceptual framework, a step-by-step methodology and a plan for the transformation of the EFSA into an Open Science organisation over the next five years. The Open EFSA initiative aims to explore how EFSA can better meet society’s expectations in EFSA’s second decade as the EU food safety system’s scientific risk assessor. It also aims to understand the implications that increased openness and transparency could have for the Authority’s organisational set up.

You are asked to contribute specifically on these points:

  1. Are you satisfied that EFSA has identified the societal and normative expectations it has to comply with or would you suggest additional ones that the paper does not capture?
  2. How can EFSA increase its openness to meaningful contributions from individuals and organisations beyond its Panels and Committee? Should a two-way interaction between EFSA’s Panels and interested parties be facilitated? What limits should be set to such interaction?
  3. How can EFSA ensure that commercially sensitive information and data are protected while providing access to key information, data and documents necessary to make its assessments reproducible? Should EFSA embrace the principle of reusability? Who should be in charge of striking the balance between the need to allow reproducibility and respecting the rights of data owners? Can guiding principles and standards be established?
  4. How can EFSA foster even further an environment of creative debate amongst its experts while striking the appropriate balance between availability and quality of information?
  5. Would you identify any other strategic drivers, contextual elements or policy options for the Authority to consider when implementing its vision of becoming an Open EFSA?

The outcome of the public consultation will feed into finalisation of the proposed approach, of a new Open EFSA policy and its follow up plan.

Interested parties and the public at large are invited to submit written comments by 15 September 2014 (extended to 15 October 2014). Please use the electronic template provided with the documents to submit comments and refer to the relevant paragraph or part of the document. Please also note that a submission may not be considered if:

  • it is submitted after 15 September 2014 (extended to 15 October 2014);
  • it is not related to the contents of the document;
  • it contains personal accusations, irrelevant or offensive statements or material; or
  • it is related to aspects falling out of the scope of EFSA's mission and tasks.

EFSA will assess all comments from interested parties against the criteria above and address those relevant for this discussion paper.

Please note that all comments submitted will be published. Comments submitted by individuals in a personal capacity will be presented anonymously. Comments submitted formally on behalf of an organisation will appear under the name of the organisation.

Updated: 10 September 2014