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Info Session on Applications – Pesticides – Technical Meeting with Stakeholders on “EFSA Guidance documents on protected crops and soil degradation rate”

Around 80 stakeholders from Member States, industry, consultancies, academia and European institutions took part in a meeting to discuss two new EFSA guidance documents in the area of pesticides.

EFSA scientists and expert working group members presented two recently published guidance documents on protected crops and soil degradation. Presenters also gave an overview of the legal framework and explained the scientific approach and associated methodology of the guidance documents.

Each presentation was followed by a detailed question and answer session, which generated valuable discussions on how to apply particular aspects of the proposed methodologies. EFSA noted that the scientific methodology proposed in both guidance documents was generally accepted by participants. Several delegates also encouraged EFSA to develop further technical and scientific advice for certain aspects of these methodologies as part of future EFSA guidance documents.


Agenda(107.39 KB)


  1. Welcome(264.34 KB)
  2. Egsmose: Overview on the EFSA GD on emissions from protected crops(359.54 KB)
  3. Meyvis: Statistics of the Public Consultation for EFSA Guidance on emissions of PPP from Protected Crops(762.58 KB)
  4. Ostgren: Introduction to terminology, tiered approach and proposed procedures for existing models used in the new EFSA GD on protected crops(633.32 KB)
  5. Cornelese: Introduction to the proposed procedure for assessments for walk-in tunnels and greenhouses(1.06 MB)
  6. van der Linden: GEM userfriendly software tool for aquatic exposure assessments for PPP used in greenhouses(937.49 KB)
  7. van der Linden: Introduction to example scenarios for walk-in tunnels and greenhouses(693.48 KB)
  8. Ostgreen: Tiered approach to surface water assessment with respect to covered crops(632.42 KB)
  9. Egsmose: Overview on the EFSA GD on soil degradation (DegT50)(373.7 KB)
  10. Meyvis: Statistics of the Public Consultation for EFSA Guidance on lab and field studies for determining DegT50(747.12 KB)
  11. Boivin, Massey: Introduction to terminology and derivation of DegT50 from laboratory and field dissipation studies in the new EFSA GD on DegT50(569.58 KB)
  12. Lythgo: Design of tailored DegT50 field studies(355.93 KB)
  13. Klein: Introduction to use of existing field studies not tailored for DegT50 (legacy studies)(640.34 KB)
  14. Klein: Introduction to estimating model input parameters from the required exposure scenarios(734.87 KB)
  15. Lythgo: Using updated crop interception values and geometric mean KFocor KFom(401.88 KB)
  16. Boivin, Klein, Boesten: Introduction to use of EFSA DegT50 Endpoint Selector and presentation of Worked examples(1.07 MB)