EFSA Workshop on Botanicals

24 novembre 2009

On 24 November 2009, EFSA will hold a workshop in Athens on botanicals and botanical preparations used as ingredients in food supplements. Representatives of Member States’ food safety authorities, the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency and plant-based food supplement manufacturers will attend the meeting.

The purpose of this initiative, organised by EFSA together with its Advisory Forum, is to present the guidance document for the safety assessment of botanicals and botanical preparations that was adopted by EFSA’s Scientific Committee and published in September 2009.

The aim will be to develop a common understanding of how industry and competent authorities in EU Member States should apply the science-based method for safety assessment described in the EFSA guidance document, strengthening their safety assessments of botanicals and botanical preparations.

Agenda (70.38 KB)
Meeting Report (288.86 KB)