21ª riunione del Consiglio d’amministrazione | Autorità europea per la sicurezza alimentare Salta al contenuto principale

21ª riunione del Consiglio d’amministrazione

EFSA’s contribution to food safety: identifying, assessing and communicating risks.
Two and a half years after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) was set up, it has established itself as an independent and pioneering authority in Europe. From the outset, EFSA has focused on the core areas of activity laid down in its Founding Regulation* : risk assessment and risk communication.

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome to members and observers
  2. Documents for adoption
    • For adoption: Draft agenda(14.67 KB)
    • For adoption: Draft minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes
    • For adoption: Meeting dates 2006(14.15 KB)
  3. Financial Matters
  4. Procedural Matters
    • For information: Decision on the appointment of an Acting Director
    • For information and discussion: Appointment of the next Executive Director
  5. Management Matters
  6. Any other business