Webinar: what services does EFSA offer to regulated products’ applicants?

5 Diciembre 2016

11:00- 11:45 (GMT+01:00)



The webinar presented an overview of support initiatives currently in place for applicants, Member States and other interested parties during the life cycle of applications for regulated products. The presentation focused on several initiatives included in the catalogue of services, creating awareness and mutual understanding of the opportunities for dialogue with EFSA during the life-cycle of regulated products applications. The webinar was targeted at applicants, but it was open to anyone interested in the different initiatives EFSA offers on regulated products.

A total of 167 people registered for the webinar, out of which 102 followed the online session. Questions submitted by participants during the webinar were answered either by the speakers or by a small team from EFSA’s Regulated Products Department.

Presentation and recording


Webinar on services offered by EFSA to regulated products applicants

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Supporting documents

EFSA’s Catalogue of support initiatives during the life-cycle of applications for regulated products


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