Info session on Applications – Food enzymes – Technical meeting with Applicants

17 gennaio 2013

Agenda and presentations 

On 17 January 2013, EFSA invited representatives from industry organisations and applicants in the field of food enzymes for a technical meeting to exchange views on administrative and scientific issues related to the preparation and the submission of applications for food enzymes and their risk assessment.

The event was organised by EFSA’s Applications Desk (APDESK) Unit in collaboration with the Food Ingredient and Packaging Unit, within the framework of “EFSA Info Sessions on Applications” aimed at increasing regular interaction with some of EFSA’s stakeholders.

Thirty-three participants from organisations representing the interests of applicants met with EFSA staff, EFSA experts from the Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF Panel), the CEF Working Group on Enzymes and a representative of the European Commission.

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the upcoming evaluation of food enzymes. In an open dialogue, the participants discussed the administrative and technical requirements for submitting technical dossiers for the safety evaluation of enzymes, allowing each party to outline their views and concerns on the subject. Experts of the CEF Panel and the representative of the European Commission explained in detail the administrative, legal and technical requirements for submitting technical dossiers for the safety evaluation of food enzymes.

Among the many issues considered, the participants discussed the possible grouping of data for different food enzymes in single applications and also possible waiving criteria from the requirement for toxicological studies, as permitted under recent legislation.

An Explanatory Note for the CEF Panel on the Submission of a Dossier on Food Enzymes has already been developed by EFSA staff since 2011. It aims to support the preparation of the applications for food enzymes by giving practical examples and will be further enriched. Further information is available on EFSA’s website:

Since only four applications have been received to date EFSA encouraged the participants, where possible, to make concerted efforts to speed up the process to avoid any future bottlenecks that could result in deadlines being missed.

The meeting proved to be the appropriate forum also to introduce the APDESK Unit and to explain the changes brought in by EFSA’s re-organisation concerning the application process for regulated products from reception to validation.

The event was seen as an important opportunity for a better mutual understanding between applicants and the Authority in the evaluation process of food enzymes applications and to better secure the submission of high quality food enzyme applications.

The agenda and the presentations of the technical meeting are available below.


Agenda (103.59 KB)