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First update of the EU database of processing factors for pesticide residues

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Disclaimer: The present document has been produced and adopted by the bodies identified above as authors. In accordance with Article 36 of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002, this task has been carried out exclusively by the authors in the context of a grant agreement between the European Food Safety Authority and the authors. The present document is published complying with the transparency principle to which the Authority is subject. It cannot be considered as an output adopted by the Authority. The European Food Safety Authority reserves its rights, view and position as regards the issues addressed and the conclusions reached in the present document, without prejudice to the rights of the authors.


The EU database of processing factors for pesticide residues has been set up in 2018 and was now updated for the first time. 1301 processing studies were added to the database extending it to more than double size. The studies were either provided to EFSA in MRL setting procedures or pesticide peer reviews or they were submitted to BfR in the framework of national or zonal authorization procedures. All studies have been thoroughly (re‐)evaluated with respect to the well‐proven set of quality parameters already applied in the EU database. Processing factors were derived and their reliabilities judged. For newly reported processes such as palm oil and palm kernel oil production, sugar production from sugar cane and sake production from rice the representative processes have been described. Furthermore, new processed matrices such as selected cooked vegetables or pulses have been added to the database and to the accompanying documents.