Info Session on Applications – FEED – Technical Meeting with Stakeholders on Feed Additives Applications

6 Mayo 2015

Applicants and other stakeholders met with EFSA representatives on 5 and 6 May 2015 for an exchange on the scientific evaluation of feed additive applications.

Roughly 120 participants working in the field of feed additives met with EFSA staff, EFSA experts from the Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) and two representatives of the European Commission.

Participants discussed the following key topics:

  • Experience gained during the re-evaluation of feed additives;
  • Clarifications on the scientific requirements for applications submitted for the renewal of authorisation of feed additives;
  • Challenges related to the assessment of chemically defined flavourings: participants discussed an industry proposal for safety studies in target animals with flavouring mixtures;
  • Key issues for the assessment of botanical flavourings.

EFSA also presented its recently published catalogue of support initiatives available to applicants and other stakeholders during the lifecycle of an application, and answered questions from applicants regarding practical aspects of the different initiatives.

As one of EFSA’s info sessions on applications, the event aimed at increasing EFSA’s regular interaction with its stakeholders.

Dr Manuela Tiramani of EFSA’s feed additives unit said that participants welcomed the event as an important opportunity to better understand the process of feed additives applications. She said: “Participants gave very positive feedback on EFSA’s initiatives to open up more and increase their communication with stakeholders.”


Agenda(178.93 KB)

List of members(249.61 KB)


  1. Rodriguez: Re-evaluation of feed additives(1.03 MB)
  2. Innocenti: What have we learnt from the re-evaluation? EFSA’s perspective(664.23 KB)
  3. Saarela: What have we learnt from the re-evaluation? EFSA’s perspective(404.8 KB)
  4. Flachowky: What have we learnt from the re-evaluation? EFSA’s perspective(730.65 KB)
  5. Re-evaluation of feed additives: experience from applicants and users(408.75 KB)
  6. Elhert: EFSA’s Catalogue of support initiatives during the lifecycle of applications for regulated products(514.97 KB)
  7. Legal Basis(827.02 KB)
  8. Renewal of authorisations (art 14) – Requirements from the EURL(792.46 KB)
  9. Galobart-Rychen: The FEEDAP Panel’s Guidance on Renewal(495.36 KB)
  10. Renewal of authorisations: industry expectations(709.06 KB)
  11. General issues(440.18 KB)
  12. Questions and answers(262.94 KB)
  13. Impact of EFSA opinions on current use of feed flavourings(1.92 MB)
  14. Target animal safety for mixtures of flavourings: a proposal(653.08 KB)
  15. Lòpez-Puente: Assessing safety of feed flavourings for target species: the testing of mixtures(263.09 KB)
  16. Manini-Hogstrand:The assessment of chemically defined flavourings: the experience so far(793.18 KB)
  17. Bottex: Safety Assessment of Botanicals and Botanical Preparations(785.53 KB)
  18. Chesson: Key issues for the assessment of botanicals(620.17 KB)
  19. Botanically defined flavourings: an overview(1.17 MB)