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About us

Who we are

We are an agency of the European Union set up in 2002 to serve as an impartial source of scientific advice to risk managers and to communicate on risks associated with the food chain. We cooperate with interested parties to promote the coherence of EU scientific advice. We provide the scientific basis for laws and regulations to protect European consumers from food-related risks – from farm to fork.

How we work

The core of our activities is to collect, appraise and integrate scientific evidence to answer questions about risks. The outcome of our work is scientific advice to risk managers, jointly produced by independent experts and EFSA staff. Everything we do is guided by our values of Excellence, Independence, Openness, Accountability and Cooperation. The transparency of our processes, together with our engagement activities, allows for interested parties to scrutinise our work and interact with us in an open dialogue on equal terms. We communicate about risks in the food chain independently and in a way that meets the needs of our audiences. Together with our Member States partners, we build the European food safety knowledge ecosystem, ensuring safe food as the basis for healthy diets and sustainable food systems.

Who we work with

Individual experts and competent organisations are our main knowledge partners. To nurture these relations, we cooperate intensively with Member States risk assessment organisations via the Advisory Forum, the National Focal Points and our Scientific Networks. Likewise, we work with other EU agencies, international organisations and risk assessors in third countries to increase outreach and joint food safety impact. EU citizens are the ultimate beneficiaries of our work: we engage with them and our stakeholders through a multitude of platforms and fora.

How we work

Principles and practices
Most of EFSA's works is undertaken in response to requests for scientific advice from the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU Member States.


Ensuring independence and efficiency
EFSA is governed by a Management Board whose members are mandated to act in the public interest.

External experts

Independent assessments and advice
The knowledge, skills and experience of EFSA's scientific experts are at the core of our work.


Working together to keep Europe's food safe
Food safety issues do not respect national borders. That's why cooperation is central to our scientific work.


Corporate documents and publications