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9ª riunione del Consiglio d’amministrazione

The Scientific Panels were inaugurated at the end of May, so the general update covered their first meetings. Mr Podger informed the Board that these meetings dealt mainly with administrative and scientific planning matters and that the first Scientific Committee meeting would take place at the end of June. He reported also on the search for provisional accommodation for the Authority.


  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matter arising from the minutes (Doc MB 18.06.2003 – 2)
  3. Geoffrey Podger – General update on developments – information
    • Scientific Committee and Scientific Panels
    • Staffing
    • Website
    • Accommodation
    • Advisory Forum
  4. Discussion on Priorities Setting for the EFSA during 2003 (37.74 KB) (discussion with agreement on certain aspects)(Doc MB 18.06.2003 – 3)
  5. Discussion on Openness and Transparency (84.16 KB)  (discussion on principles with decision on certain aspects)(Doc MB 18.06.2003 – 4)
  6. Draft Decision of the Management Board on Access to documents(155.6 KB)  (Doc MB 18.06.2003 – 5) (Decision)
  7. Advisory Forum Rules - discussion on need to revise these in the light of experience(141.98 KB)  (Doc MB 18.06.2003 – 6)
  8. Revision of the Financial Regulation in light of the EC Court of Auditors Opinion No 3/2003(74.37 KB)  (Doc MB 18.06.2003 – 7)(information)
  9. Dates for 2004 Management Board meetings(58.29 KB)  (MB 18.06.2003 – 8) (Decision)
  10. Implications to EFSA of the protocol on privileges and immunities of the European Communities(65 KB)  (MB 18.06.2003 - 9) (Information)
  11. Any Other Business