Stakeholder Engagement - Workshop with Academia Stakeholders - Food Safety Through Science – the Quality of Risk Assessment Methodology

Brussels, Belgium
14 marzo 2019

The workshop with representatives of the Academia Stakeholder Category was the first event under EFSA’s Stakeholder Engagement Approach (SEA) specifically targeting scientific and technological communities, including scientific societies, universities and research institutes associations. This event presented a starting point to facilitate discussion and explore common topics of interest to shape future collaboration.

The objective of the workshop was to enable exchange of views on what evidence EFSA needs for ‘regulatory’ risk assessment, as well as what means and approaches are needed to integrate the evidence for risk assessment. With a due respect to the principles established under EFSA’s policy for active engagement and cooperation with stakeholders, the workshop provided an opportunity for EFSA’s Academic Stakeholders to present examples that may contribute in fostering state-of-the-art risk assessment approaches.

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