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Upcoming Tenders €140k+

EFSA publishes a prior-information notice (PIN) to indicate to economic operators that we are planning to launch a call for tenders in the future. A PIN is not published for every EFSA call, it is for information purposes only and is not binding on EFSA. It is a means to increase transparency in our planning of forthcoming calls and to enable potential suppliers and service providers to prepare in advance to tender for upcoming contracts. EFSA may also use the PIN to ask economic operators to express an interest in participating in ex-ante market research and analysis.

Items on this page are updated regularly. However, it is possible that a PIN is still displayed whilst the call for tender is already published. For this reason, we recommend you to always consult the section Tenders €140+ where you will find all the calls open for offers.

TED - Tenders Electronic Daily

Access on TED67317-2023 Italy-Parma: Role of Water Used in the Growing, Handling and Processing of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs on the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)02/02/2023
Access on TED48237-2023 Italy-Parma: OC/EFSA/PREV/2023/02 – EU Environmental Scenarios for Risk Assessment (ERA) of Non-target Organisms24/01/2023
Access on TED729159-2022 Italy-Parma: Canteen, Bar, Coffee Station and Catering Services27/12/2022
Access on TED712868-2022 Italy-Parma: OC/EFSA/PREV/2023/01 – Environmental Neurotoxicants – Advancing Understanding on the Impact of Chemical Exposure on Brain Health and Disease21/12/2022