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Upcoming Tenders €139k+

EFSA publishes a prior-information notice (PIN) to indicate to economic operators that we are planning to launch a call for tenders in the future. A PIN is not published for every EFSA call, it is for information purposes only and is not binding on EFSA. It is a means to increase transparency in our planning of forthcoming calls and to enable potential suppliers and service providers to prepare in advance to tender for upcoming contracts. EFSA may also use the PIN to ask economic operators to express an interest in participating in ex-ante market research and analysis.

Items on this page are updated regularly. However, it is possible that a PIN is still displayed whilst the call for tender is already published. For this reason, we recommend you to always consult the section Tenders €139+ where you will find all the calls open for offers.

TED - Tenders Electronic Daily

Link Reference and Title Published
Access on TED 344417-2021: Italy-Parma: Towards an Operational EU Bee Partnership Platform for Harmonised Data Collection and Sharing Among Stakeholders on Bees and Pollinators 09/07/2021
Access on TED 237138-2021: Italy-Parma: Allergenicity of Genetically Modified Organisms 12/05/2021
Access on TED 352403-2021: Italy-Parma: Development of Roadmaps for Actions on: a) Advancing the Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemicals for Insect Pollinators; b) Application of Omics and Bioinformatics Approaches in Risk Assessment 13/07/2021
Access on TED 240137-2021: Italy-Parma: Refinement of the Risk Assessment Methodology for Open Reading Frames Analysis in GMO Applications 14/05/2021
Access on TED 248739-2021: Italy-Parma: Assistance for Design and Implementation of Crowdsourcing Initiatives for Engaging Communities in Food and Feed Risk Assessment 18/05/2021
Access on TED 248738-2021: Italy-Parma: Development of in Silico Methodologies to Predict the Toxicity of Proteins in Food and Feed Risk Assessment 18/05/2021
Access on TED 250089-2021: Italy-Parma: Specialised Training Courses on Certain Aspects of food Safety Risk Assessment 19/05/2021
Access on TED 250088-2021: Italy-Parma: Investigating in Vitro Tools for the Toxicological Evaluation of Proteins in Food and Feed Risk Assessment 19/05/2021
Access on TED 262670-2021: Italy-Parma: Scheme for Assessing Food Fraud as a Driver of Food Safety Emerging Risks 26/05/2021