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EFSA procurement: why, what, HOW

efsa procurements why what how

EFSA buys services and supplies through public procurement in line with EU legislation and the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.

When tendering for EFSA procurement procedures, tenderers may bid alone as a single entity or in a joint offer with partners. All tenderers must have access to the EU market to be eligible for the award of EFSA contracts. Tenderers may also rely on the use of subcontractors in their oer. Subcontractors may be established in countries which do not have access to the EU market, unless specified differently in the individual call for tenders.

How are procurement contracts awarded?

Open call for tenders

  • For purchases above 143,000 €
  • Open to all economic operators with EU market access
  • Published in EU-OJ with at least 37 days to submit offers

Negotiated procedure for tenders

Below 15,000 €Above 15,000 € and below 60,000 €Above 60,000 € and below 143,000 €
Invite at least 1Invite at least 3Invite at least 5
Direct invitation with no advance publicity.Advance publicity on EFSA website for expression of interest, then direct invitation.


Type of contract

Framework contract

Exact deliverables and timing NOT known.

  • Single: One FWC signed with one contractor (individual organisation or consortium).
  • Cascade: FWC signed with dierent contractors and assigned order of ranking.
  • Re-opening competition: FWC signed with pool of contractors which compete for specific assignments.

Specific contracts/ order forms

Exact deliverables and timing known.

Direct contract

Exact deliverables and timing known.

Who owns contract deliverables?


EFSA owns contract deliverables with exception of those subject to pre-existing intellectual property rights. EFSA can make use of the contract deliverables which it owns, without consulting the contractor.


Owner only of parts of deliverables subject to pre-existing intellectual property rights.

If the contractor wants to make use of or publish contract deliverables owned by EFSA, they must request permission from EFSA in advance.

For more details about rules related to EFSA grants, consult Title VIII EU Financial Regulation 2018 and EFSA's procurement page. The EFSA Guidance for tenderers explains in detail each step of our procurement procedures.

EFSA also awards grants to organisations which are designated by their Member State to assist EFSA with its mission and which are included on the Article 36 list of Competent Organisations. Find out more from this infographic.

EFSA is the keystone of EU risk assessment regarding food and feed safety. In close collaboration with national authorities in open consultation with its stakeholders, EFSA provides independent scientific advice and clear communication on existing and emerging risks.