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Tenders €139k+

For purchases with a value above €139,000 EFSA uses the open call for tenders procedure.

To view the procurement documents for a call of interest to you, click on the title of the call listed below. There you will find links to the e-tendering platform, where you can download all procurement instructions and forms related to that specific call (invitation letter, tender specifications, draft contract and any templates necessary for offer submission).


Link Reference and Title Published Deadline
Access on TED OC/EFSA/ALPHA/2021/02 - Avian Influenza: Reports and Dashboard 04/11/2021 16/12/2021 14:30:59 UTC +1
Access on TED OC/EFSA/BIOCONTAM/2021/02 - Microbiological Hazards Associated with the Use of Water in the Post-Harvest Handling and Processing Operations of Fresh and Frozen Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs (ffFVHs) 03/11/2021 13/12/2021 14:30:59 UTC +1
Access on TED OC/EFSA/DATA/2021/03 - Creation of Open Access EU Food Composition Database (EU FCDB) and European Environmental Footprint of Food Database (EFF database) 02/11/2021 04/01/2022 14:30:59 UTC +1
Access on TED OC/EFSA/ED/2021/01 - Development of Roadmaps for Action on: (a) Advancing the Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemicals for Insect Pollinators; (b) Applying OMICS and Bioinformatics Approaches 12/10/2021 18/01/2022 14:30:59 UTC +1

External tenders

In addition to EFSA tenders, you will find in this section the tender opportunities published by the other EU Agencies reporting to the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), European Environment Agency (EEA), European Medicines Agency (EMA), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


Link Body Reference and Title Published Deadline
Access on TED EEA EEA/DIS/21/002 - Provision of IT Consultancy Services in the Area of Java Software Development 16/11/2021 07/01/2022
Access on TED ECDC CEI/2019/RMC/11165 - Editing and Proofreading, and Rapporteur Services 07/08/2019 07/05/2023
Access on TED ECDC CEI/2021/RMS/13281 - Intellectual Support Services for ECDC Meetings and Events 26/07/2021 14/04/2025