Tenders €139k+

For purchases with a value above €139,000 EFSA uses the open call for tenders procedure.

To view the procurement documents for a call of interest to you, click on the title of the call listed below. There you will find links to the e-tendering platform, where you can download all procurement instructions and forms related to that specific call (invitation letter, tender specifications, draft contract and any templates necessary for offer submission).

Deadline Reference Title Published
21/09/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/ART/2020/01 IUCLID Training 27/07/2020
28/09/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/BIOCONTAM/2020/03 Provision of Support to EFSA and to ECDC in the Production of the EU One Health Zoonoses Report and in Related Zoonoses Online Interactive Data Visualisation Dashboards and Zoonoses Story Maps 27/07/2020
15/10/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/GMO/2020/01 DNA Sequencing Quality Check of GMO Applications 27/07/2020
01/10/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/BIOCONTAM/2020/02 TSE EU Summary Report (EUSR) 24/07/2020
21/09/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/AMU/2020/04 EFSA Framework for Problem Formulation 14/07/2020
24/09/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/PREV/2020/01 Development of Critical Appraisal Forms for the Evaluation of Ecotoxicology Studies 13/07/2020
28/09/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/DATA/2020/01 RPC (Raw Primary Commodity) Model Update 08/07/2020
30/09/2020 14:30:59+02:00 OC/EFSA/SCER/2020/02 Screening for Emerging Chemical Risks in the Food Chain 07/07/2020
07/09/2020 14:30:59 +02:00 OC/EFSA/SCER/2020/03 Data collection, Update and Further Development of Biologically-based Models for Humans and Animal Species to Support Transparency in Food and Feed Safety 11/06/2020

External tenders

In addition to EFSA tenders, you will find in this section the tender opportunities published by the other EU Agencies reporting to the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), European Environment Agency (EEA), European Medicines Agency (EMA), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Deadline Body Reference Title Published
N/A EEA EEA/HSR/20/003 Provision of Expert Assistance to the European Environment Agency's Activities Supporting a Zero-pollution Ambition, including Linkages Between Environment, Health and Chemicals 19/06/2020
14/08/2020 EEA EEA/DIS/R0/20/003 Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS) - Production of the CLC+ Core and Provision of Complementary Consultancy Services 07/07/2020
17/08/2020 EEA EEA/DIS/R0/20/006 Service contract for the Copernicus Land Monitoring Services – High Resolution Land Cover Characteristics for the 2018 Reference Year 29/05/2020
21/08/2020 ECDC OJ/2020/DPR/12250 ECDC Training in the Area of Vaccination and Vaccine Hesitancy for Primary Healthcare Professionals 20/07/2020
21/08/2020 ECDC OJ/2020/DPR/11845 Supporting EU Member States in Conducting Hepatitis C Prevalence Surveys 16/06/2020
31/08/2020 EEA EEA/DIS/R0/20/005 Expert Assistance on Communication, Awareness Raising and User Support for the Implementation of the CLMS and the Copernicus Crosscutting In Situ Data Coordination 31/07/2020
01/09/2020 EEA EEA/DIS/R0/20/011 End-to-end Implementation and Operation of the European Ground Motion Service (EGMS) 05/06/2020
07/09/2020 ECDC OJ/2020/DPR/11567 External Quality Assessment of Performance of Laboratories Participating in European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network (EARS-Net) 27/05/2020
09/09/2020 EEA EEA/ADS/20/003 Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Audio-Visual Equipment and Consumables Including On-site Technical Support and Consultancy Services 13/07/2020
07/05/2023 ECDC CEI/2019/RMC/11165 Editing and Proofreading, and Rapporteur Services 07/08/2019