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Cross-cutting science

cross cutting science
cross cutting science

Assessments carried out in two or more areas of EFSA's work, such as nanotechnology or combined exposure to multiple chemicals. Also, this includes work monitoring, collecting and analysing information to identify emerging risks.


The European Medecines Agency (EMA) and EFSA have published a joint report on the development of a harmonised approach to the assessment of dietary exposure of people to residues of veterinary medicines, feed additives and pesticides in food of animal origin in the European Union.

Currently, different approaches are used in the assessments of residues originating from these three different sources. While the methodologies are based on common principles, differences in the scientific approaches and practices can result in different outcomes.

To advance harmonisation, the European Commission mandated EFSA and EMA in 2020 to develop a common approach to the assessments. The final report represents an important step towards harmonisation.

  • Joint EMA/EFSA report: Assessment of human dietary exposure to residues of veterinary medicines in the EU – press release report

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