10th meeting of the Management Board

16 September 2003

In addition to a general update on developments, the Management Board were given a briefing on the state of play of recruitment and staffing, and received a chart describing who does what at EFSA. Discussion centered around the roadmap, the revised 2003 Management Plan and a financial update. Following a report on the Team Building Day, the Board voted on two Draft Decisions, one on Good Administrative Behaviour and the other on Access to Documents.


  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Draft minutes of the previous meeting and matter arising from the minutes
  3. Geoffrey Podger – General update on developments – information including that concerning new accommodation (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 3)(with Decision concerning renting additional surfaces during 2003 /2004)
  4. Management Issues
  5. EFSA Roadmap (67.91 KB) (Doc MB 16.09.2003 –6)(Discussion)
  6. Discussion on revised 2003 EFSA Management Plan(208.85 KB)  (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 7 plus 2 annexes) (Discussion and vote)
  7. Financial update – an overview (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 8) and Supplementary and Amending Budget (45.23 KB) (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 9)(Discussion and vote on BRS transfers)
  8. Team Building Day report (60.16 KB) – (Doc MB 16.09.2003 - 10) (Discussion and vote)
  9. Draft Decision on Good Administrative Behaviour(64.05 KB)  (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 11)(Discussion and vote)
  10. Draft Decision of the Management Board on access to documents(54.71 KB)  (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 12)(Discussion and vote on draft Decision)
  11. Discussion on Openness and Transparency – (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 13)(Discussion and decision on certain aspects)
  12. Dates for 2004 – (Doc MB 16.09.2003 - 14)(Discussion)
  13. Revision of the Rules of Procedure of the Management Board (Doc MB 16.09.2003 – 15) (Discussion and Decision)
  14. Any Other Business