2010 Eurobarometer survey report on risk perception in the EU

The Eurobarometer survey on consumers’ perceptions of food-related risks was commissioned by EFSA. It is the second such study to be carried out in five years. The research objectives were to gain insights into consumer concerns relating to food and risks associated with the food chain and to establish the level of consumer confidence in public authorities on food safety-related issues.

The survey was carried out on a representative sample of 26,691 individuals, aged 15 or over in all 27 Member States. It was conducted through face-to-face interviews with consumers in their mother tongue from 9th to 30th June, 2010. The responses of those surveyed represent the views of over 500 million European consumers.

Highlights from the report’s conclusions include:

  • The majority of Europeans associate food and eating with enjoyment.
  • Those who are concerned about possible food-related risks tend to worry more about chemical contamination of food rather than bacterial contamination or health and nutrition issues.
  • Most Europeans have confidence in national and European food safety agencies as information sources on possible risks associated with food.

Eurobarometer report and summary

[EN] Eurobarometer Report Summary
[DE] Eurobarometer Report Zusammenfassung
[FR] Rapport Eurobaromètre Résumé
[IT] Rapporto dell'Eurobarometro Sintesi


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30 November 2010