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2014 Report of the Stakeholders’ activities in the area of emerging risks

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EFSA has established the Stakeholder Consultative Group on Emerging Risks (StaCG-ER) in order to improve the exchange of data and information on methods, as well as dialogue on issues pertaining to emerging risks, ensuring a high level of openness and transparency. In 2014, the StaCG-ER held two meetings. The group discussed a total of six signals of potential emerging issues presented and assessed using a standard briefing note template developed by the Scientific Committee and Emerging Risks unit of EFSA. Out of these six signals, three originated from EFSA and three from stakeholder members. The issues brought to the attention of StaCG-ER were a selection of potential emerging issues of particular relevance to the stakeholders involved, for which EFSA and StaCG-ER members were seeking further data or were interested in the group’s opinion thereon. The issues discussed were from the areas of marine biotoxins, chemical contaminants, new technologies, animal diseases, environmental pollution and risk assessment methodologies.