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Zoonoses monitoring data

The Network for Zoonoses Monitoring data carries out its data collection work according to procedures set by European legislation. The Network consists of a pan-European network of national representatives and international organisations who assist EFSA by gathering and sharing information on zoonoses in their respective countries. EFSA uses this data to monitor and analyse the situation with regard to zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and food-borne outbreaks across Europe. The results are presented in the annual European Union Summary Reports on zoonoses, food-borne outbreaks and antimicrobial resistance and in other reports on specific zoonoses issues.

Chemical monitoring data collection

The scientific network on chemical monitoring data collection established on 28 November 2018 is a consolidation of three previous networks: chemical occurrence data, veterinary medicinal products residues data collection, and pesticide monitoring. Agendas and minutes of the three former networks can be retrieved from the EFSA Calendar.

Food consumption

Working groups

No active working groups for this expert group.

Closed working groups

Name Minutes (last update)
EU Menu working group with advisory function
Molecular typing data collection
Molecular typing data collection: Sub-group (A)
Molecular typing data collection: Sub-group (B)
Publication of scientific data from EU coordinated monitoring programmes and surveys
Standard Sample Description (SSD) extension
Veterinary drug residues data collection