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Dietary reference values: interactive tool goes live

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EFSA has launched an interactive tool that allows nutritionists and other health professionals to make quick and easy calculations using EFSA’s dietary reference values.

The DRV Dietary reference values (DRVs) are the complete set of reference values for nutrient intake comprising Population Reference Intakes (PRI), Average Requirements (AR), Adequate Intakes (AI), Lower Threshold Intakes (LTI) and Reference Intakes (RI). DRVs are typically used as a basis for reference values in food labelling and for establishing food-based dietary guidelines. Finder searches by population Community of humans, animals or plants from the same species. group or nutrient An element or compound needed for normal growth, development and health maintenance. Essential nutrients cannot be made by the body and must, therefore, be consumed from food., allowing users to extract and combine the precise information they need from the 32 opinions on DRVs that EFSA has published in recent years.

The opinions contain DRVs for water, fats, carbohydrates A family of nutritional substances that includes sugars, starches and fibres. and dietary fibre, protein A type of molecule composed of complex strings of amino acids (protein building blocks)., energy, as well as 14 vitamins and 13 minerals.

Agnès de Sesmaisons Lecarré, from EFSA’s Nutrition Unit, said: “Health professionals and authorities use DRVs to help consumers make healthy food choices. We hope they will find our DRV Finder an invaluable tool in carrying out this essential work.”

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