Technical meeting with stakeholders on the draft protocol for the assessment of free sugars

13 February 2018

Draft agenda

Objectives of the meeting

This technical meeting has been arranged to discuss EFSA’s draft protocol for the assessment of free sugars from all dietary sources which is currently available for public consultation.

The meeting will focus on the methods for i) collecting data (i.e. which data to use for the assessment and how to identify and select them), ii) appraising the relevant evidence, and iii) analysing and integrating the evidence to draw conclusions that will form the basis of the EFSA Scientific opinion on free sugars.

The meeting will not address the EFSA scientific opinion per se, but rather the methodology that will be applied to the scientific assessment. The scientific opinion will be developed using the final version of the protocol and will be the subject of a dedicated public consultation and technical meeting (expected last quarter 2019).

Who should attend?

EFSA invites all stakeholders with relevant expertise in the above-mentioned methods to register and contribute to the development of the draft protocol.

Online registration

The registration form is available here. Please note that only a limited number of seats are available and that EFSA reserves the right to screen applications and prioritise requests to ensure geographical balance and broader participation. You will receive a written response to your request by email by 31 January 2018.

Practical information

The meeting will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on 13 February 2018. Further details on the venue and logistics will be communicated to successful applicants following the closure of registrations. English will be the official language of the event; no translation will be provided.

There is no fee for participation.