13th meeting of the Management Board

Dublin Castle
10 March 2004

The Management Board met in Dublin Castle in Ireland on 10 March. Mr Podger gave an update on the move of EFSA to Parma as well as on general developments. The Board discussed the 2005 budget and the 2003 accounts.


  1. Adoption of   Agenda(76.15 KB) 
  2. Draft minutes of the previous meeting and matter arising from the minutes (Document MB 10.03.2004 – 2)
  3. Information and update from the Geoffrey Podger on the move of EFSA to Parma
  4. Geoffrey Podger – General update on developments
  5. Report on Activities during 2003 (514.74 KB) (Document MB 10.03.2004 – 4)
  6. Code of Conduct on declarations of interest (70.83 KB) (Document MB 10.03.2004 – 5)
  7. Financial matters
  8. EFSA Management Issue
  9. Any Other Business
    • Report back on the Team Building Day 9 March