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EFSA holds sixth annual GMO meeting with NGOs

As part of its ongoing commitment to openness and transparency, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is today holding its sixth annual meeting with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on the subject of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

EFSA has invited several NGOs to its premises in Parma for an exchange of views on the latest scientific issues concerning GMOs. The purpose of the event is to update participants on the continuing work carried out by EFSA in this area. It also aims to ensure that groups such as NGOs have a dedicated forum for discussion with the Authority, underlining EFSA’s commitment to regular and open dialogue with organisations that have an interest in its work.

The meeting will provide greater detail on EFSA’s activities on the risk assessment of herbicide tolerant GM plants and related herbicides. There will also be a presentation on EFSA’s environmental risk guidance on GM animals, currently under development by the Authority’s GMO Panel, as well as an overview of the comments received earlier this year as part of the public consultation on the document. Each presentation will be followed by an exchange of views with NGO representatives.

The meeting has been organised to promote an interactive dialogue between NGOs and EFSA’s experts and staff. NGO representatives will also have the opportunity to deliver presentations outlining their views on EFSA’s risk assessment procedures.

In addition, the event will include short presentations by EFSA staff on the Authority’s consultative approach to its work and its activities with the Stakeholder Platform. There will also be a short information session on the role and progress of the Applications helpdesk, set up 12 months ago to provide support, advice and information to applicants, Member States and stakeholders.


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