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The EFSA Data Warehouse access rules

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is in the process of developing a Data Warehouse (DWH) that will allow the publication, analysis and distribution, in different formats and at different levels of granularity, of data collected by EFSA. These data include, among others, information on zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance, foodborne outbreaks, pesticide residues, chemical contaminants, food consumption and chemical hazards. In the EFSA DWH, data will be accessible through specific web reporting tools by means of tables, reports, graphs, maps and dashboards. In accordance with the proposed DWH access rules, EFSA staff members and nominated European Commission staff members have access to all data that are relevant to their duties at the lowest level of aggregation. Members of the EFSA Scientific Committee and Scientific Panels and their Working Groups have a similar access to data that are relevant to the specific mandate they are working with, but only until the mandate is completed. The data providers always have full access to their data. All stakeholders, including the general public, will have access to the data through pre-defined queries at the level of aggregation decided by EFSA, in agreement with the data providers and/or the data owners and the European Commission. However, some data collections, such as the Chemical Hazard Database and ad hoc data collections may apply more specific data access rules. It is recommended that these DWH access rules are applied to the DWH project to be carried out in 2015 and 2016, after which the rules may be revised if necessary.