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WEB application for the Analysis of Spatio‐Temporal Data


Disclaimer: The present document has been produced and adopted by the bodies identified above as author(s). This task has been carried out exclusively by the author(s) in the context of a contract between the European Food Safety Authority and the author(s), awarded following a tender procedure. The present document is published complying with the transparency principle to which the Authority is subject. It may not be considered as an output adopted by the Authority. The European Food Safety Authority reserves its rights, view and position as regards the issues addressed and the conclusions reached in the present document, without prejudice to the rights of the authors.


In specific contract No 14 issued under the framework agreement OC/EFSA/AMU/2015/02, EFSA requested Open Analytics to update the existing software for analysing and visualizing spatio‐temporal data. In the exploratory analysis, local statistics (Moran's I and Geary's C) help to recognize potential clusters and hotspots. Smoothed predictions over space and time can be calculated and visualized using ordinary kriging. Logistic regression models allow to include spatial and temporal effects, spatio‐temporal interactions and potential covariates. These models are either Bayesian hierarchical models or generalized additive models and several modelstructures can be compared using model diagnostics. One of the new features includes automated stepwise variable selection for the fitted regression models. An interactive component guides the user in uploading data, performing an exploratory analysis and fitting spatio‐temporal models.

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