Register of Questions out of service

The Register of Questions is currently unavailable and will remain so for the next few weeks. The temporary suspension of the tool is necessary to allow us to implement the launch of our new OpenEFSA portal, which is scheduled for March. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The new portal will give EFSA’s stakeholders a raft of additional services and tools that will greatly improve the transparency and accessibility of our work. For the first time, all the information related to our risk assessments – including the data and studies used – will be available in one place.

Unfortunately, the price of these long-term improvements is some temporary disruption. So from 21 January until March, information on EFSA’s risk assessments will be accessible only through a static report available below. Supporting files will not be included in the report but will be available upon request.

Our full service will resume from March when information on all ongoing (open) questions and all closed pesticide questions will be available via the new interactive portal. Information on closed non-pesticide questions will be available through the static report.