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Food Risk Assess Europe

Food Risk Assess Europe

We have officially launched our new journal Food Risk Assess Europe (FRAE), an open access repository of selected scientific articles from national food safety agencies across the EU. 

As an addition to our EFSA Journal on Wiley, FRAE aims to promote collaboration and provide a stronger evidence base for the EU risk assessment community

As food safety priorities can vary widely across the EU, EFSA serves as a scientific knowledge hub for all domains within its remit. National food safety agencies perform scientific assessments primarily related to their national boundaries, and these can also be relevant at the European level. 

Member States can enhance their contribution to European food safety by submitting their scientific assessments to FRAE, giving more visibility to their work and leveraging knowledge for the benefit of all.  

As well as offering national agencies with the opportunity to enhance their visibility and impact, FRAE provides English abstracts and summaries where needed. The articles can be filtered by country and language. 

If you would like to contact us, please send us an email: [at] (efsa[dot]author[at]efsa[dot]europa[dot]eu)