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Tenders €15k - €140k

For purchases with a value above €15,000 and equal to or below €140,000 EFSA uses the “negotiated procurement procedure” which involves inviting candidates of EFSA’s choice to submit an offer. Additionally, as EFSA wants to keep cooperation opportunities as open as possible, it is also possible for you to express an interest in being invited to these negotiated procedures. Just follow the simple procedure below. 

How to apply

If you are interested in being invited to submit an offer for a forthcoming negotiated procedure, register your interest for the specific procedure by email: EFSAProcurement [at] (EFSAProcurement[at]efsa[dot]europa[dot]eu) before the stated deadline. One separate email is required for each individual procedure. Make sure that your email contains the following details:

  • Full name of company (if expression of interest is on behalf of a company) and the contact person responsible
  • Full name of individual (if expression of interest is from a private individual)
  • Full postal address
  • Email address to which the invitation should be sent

If you intend to apply in joint offer with partners, you must clearly identify in your expression of interest, each member of the joint offer and which partner is appointed as the lead partner.
The invitation to tender letter will be sent to the lead partner on behalf of all partners in the joint offer.
The composition of the partners in a joint offer cannot be changed once the invitation to tender letter has been sent.

Negotiated procedures

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