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NP/EFSA/KNOW/2023/03 Support to coordinate training courses on Dietary Exposure Assessment

Approximate launch date:
April 2023
  • Budget: 100,000 €
  • Approximate launch date: Mid-April 2023
  • Deadline to register interest: 07/04/2023


Developing and implementing harmonised methodologies for risk assessment, across the EU and internationally, is one of the EFSA Science Strategy 2027[1] operational objectives. With the help of training schemes for staff and experts, EFSA is aiming at implementing this objective through the development of new capabilities to foster this framework within the EFSA risk assessment community.

It is within the mandate and mission of the Knowledge, Innovation and Partnership Management (KNOW) Unit to envision EFSA's long-term competency needs while promoting capacity building. In order to fulfil its mandate, the KNOW Unit coordinates cross-cutting scientific knowledge activities in EFSA in close collaboration with other EFSA Units, the specialised courses resulting from this call being one of these activities.


The specific objectives of the framework contract resulting from the present procurement procedure are:

  • To assist EFSA’s experts on dietary exposure assessment to develop and execute a multi-annual training programme in collaboration with EFSA’s experts on dietary exposure assessment
  • To assist EFSA’s experts on dietary exposure assessment in the preparation of the training content as well as the training materials needed to deliver the training courses
  • To facilitate the organisation and coordination of the training courses on dietary exposure assessment (e.g., management of training participants, deliver training reports).

Expected duration

The expected duration for the execution of the framework contract is estimated to be four years.

Selection criteria -

Professional capacity: overall at organisational level

The tenderer must have extensive and demonstrable experience in organising and providing scientific training courses in food and feed safety or related area.

Evidence to be provided:

1a: A list of previous scientific training courses (at least two courses) delivered over the past 5 years, in food and feed safety or related area. This list should include: (i) the title of the training course; (ii) the subject of the training course in the form of a brief description of the course content; (iii) the duration and date(s) of the training course; and (iv) the name of the entity (private or public) requesting the training course (provided its disclosure is not bound by any confidentiality agreement).

1b: A statement confirming the availability to provide trainings in at least three of the four following modalities:

  • Modality 1: (Classroom) instructor-led training = physical training (e.g. Scientific Panel tailor-made trainings, info sessions, training workshops);
  • Modality 2: (Virtual) instructor-led training = live online, using Teams or similar platforms (e.g., Scientific Panel tailor-made trainings, webinars, training workshops);
  • Modality 3: (Virtual) recorded training = online tutorials
  • Modality 4: E-Learning (asynchronous self-paced online modules).

Technical and professional capacity:

The tenderer must have the ability to provide a team of experts, composed at least by a coordinator and a minimum of 1 tutor compliant with these minimum expertise requirements:

  • Training Coordinator

The contractor is required to appoint a Training Coordinator (Project Leader) with an academic background (university degree) and with at least 3 years professional experience and proven record in organising training courses. The Training Coordinator shall be the contact point for the management and coordination of all services requested by EFSA. The Training Coordinator can also be involved in the implementation of the courses as a tutor. In this case the Training Coordinator needs to comply with the minimum expertise requirements set for tutors.

  • Tutors

Qualified and experienced tutor(s) with at least 3 years’ experience in dietary exposure assessment; university degree or PhD in life sciences in the field of the given scientific area; experience in teaching in English and developing specific examples (case studies) on the subject matter of the course. To this purpose, the Curriculum vitae of potential tutor(s) should be provided with the offer. Tutors may include current and former EFSA Scientific Committee/Panel/Working Group members.

EFSA will indicate staff members as main/additional tutors for the optimal delivery of the programme. The latter will not imply any additional cost for the contractor.

If you are interested in this procedure, please send an email within the deadline to efsaprocurement [at] (EFSAprocurement[at]efsa[dot]europa[dot]eu) quoting the reference of the procedure and specifying the following:

  • your name/organisation’s name and address.
  • whether you participate as a physical person or an organisation/private company.
  • If you intend to apply in joint offer with partners. In this case, you must clearly identify each member of the joint offer and which partner is appointed as the lead partner. The composition of the partners in a joint offer cannot be changed once the invitation to tender letter has been sent.