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Bees and pesticides: stakeholders to participate in guidance review

Close up view of working bees on honey cells

EFSA is setting up a stakeholder consultative group to support its upcoming review of the guidance on risk assessment  A specialised field of applied science that involves reviewing scientific data and studies in order to evaluate risks associated with certain hazards. It involves four steps: hazard identification, hazard characterisation, exposure assessment and risk characterisation. of pesticides and bees. The group will be consulted at various stages during the review and provide input to the EFSA scientific working group charged with revising the document.

Nominations for membership of the stakeholder group will be accepted from registered EFSA stakeholder organisations as well as non-registered bodies with an interest in the area of bee health. More information here.

EFSA is revising the guidance, which was published in 2013, on request from the European Commission. A number of Member States have asked for sections of the document to be updated. In addition, new evidence has become available since the original guidance was published.

As well as involving stakeholders throughout the process, pesticide experts from Member States will be consulted via EFSA’s Pesticides Steering Network. A public consultation and workshop will take place when the document has been drafted.

The Commission has asked that the review should focus on:

  • Evidence on bee background mortality, taking account of realistic beekeeping management and natural background mortality.
  • Exposure Concentration or amount of a particular substance that is taken in by an individual, population or ecosystem in a specific frequency over a certain amount of time. routes, particularly through spray application and seed treatment or granular application.
  • The list of bee-attractive crops.
  • The methodology with regard to higher tier testing.

EFSA will publish an outline of how it plans to address the mandate – including timelines and details of the various consultations – within the next two months. The guidance is expected to be finalised in 2021.

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