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Episode 7 – Climate change: what it means for food safety

Most of us will be familiar with the impact climate change has on the environment – biodiversity loss, rising sea levels, higher temperatures and much more. But it also has direct and indirect effects on the safety of our food and this is something that EFSA has to take into account when assessing risks to human, animal and plant health. Join us as we talk to one of our experts, Angelo Maggiore, about how climate change can act as a driver of emerging risks in the area of food and feed safety.

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Host: Barbara Ghizzoni, Team Leader Digital Publishing in the Communication Unit at EFSA.

Guest: Angelo Maggiore, Scientist in the Knowledge and Innovation Unit at EFSA.

Barbara Ghizzoni and Angelo Maggiore on the 7th episode of the podcast Science on the Menu

Barbara Ghizzoni and Angelo Maggiore.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by interviewees do not necessarily represent the official position of the European Food Safety Authority. All content is up to date at the time of publication.