EFSA logo

EFSA allows the use of the EFSA logo by external parties under specific terms and conditions.

External parties can download, copy and store the EFSA logo in all its formats and versions, from the EFSA website, upon acceptance of and in compliance with the terms and conditions. External parties may also request use of the EFSA logo by email.

The terms and conditions of use state that the official EFSA logo may only be used if the requester complies with criteria related to the intrinsic nature of EFSA (e.g. EFSA is an independent public institution, acting for non-profit purposes and in the public interest, etc.).

Use of the EFSA logo cannot be associated with other missions, tasks or commercial uses that are contrary to the following principles:

  • No commercial interest
  • Science related
  • EU related
  • Local relations

For more details on terms and conditions please refer to the full instructions document.

For further clarification or to request an exception to the above terms and conditions, please send a request to the Ask EFSA service. Decisions on such requests are taken on a case-by-case basis.