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Webinar on application procedure for GMO

03 March 2022, 11:00 – 12:30 (CET)


The implementation of the Transparency Regulation in March 2021 introduced new services, processes and provisions that have strongly impacted the lifecycle and renewal procedure for applications.

The aim of the eighth webinar in this series was to explain how the new requirements affect applicants in the area of GMO.

The speakers provided an in-depth, step-by-step explanation of the application process, from account creation to risk assessment, adoption, and publication, including a live demonstration of the E-Submission Food Chain Platform (ESFC). They also shed light on new requirements related to confidentiality and public consultations.

Eighty participants attended the webinar representing SMEs, laboratories and testing facilities, business operators, research organisations and national competent authorities from Europe and worldwide.

The webinar ended with a live Q&A session, during which contributors and speakers answered, orally or in writing, 30 questions submitted by participants.