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Risk Assessment Research Assembly (RARA) 2022 (Berlin, 7 December)

EFSA brought together more than 250 delegates from 40 countries, including funders, policy and decision makers, and leading food safety researchers, to promote alignment between national and EU research funding.

The second edition of RARA focused on how research results can support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal. The conference centred on the importance of investing in research and innovation for a safe transition towards sustainable food systems, defining One Health research needs, and aligning research efforts.


The conference’s outcomes have been published online with open access in the scientific journal ‘Trends in Food Science & Technology’. You can find all the RARA’s documents in the document section of this page.

Ahead of the conference, the EFSA’s Advisory Forum held its 86th meeting in Berlin on 6 December 2022. The Advisory Forum adopted a joint statement to support the European Research Area and invited the European Commission and national funding programmes to make active use of the large food safety knowledge ecosystem.

Video recordings


For more information, you can contact the organising committee at RARA [at] or EFSA’s research coordinator stef.bronzwaer [at]